Monday, January 6, 2014


The devil appears in many ways. The ghosts of 2013 haunts me. It lingers on me like the pungent of death. My fate hangs on the balance, my life alongside it.

I am a lone ranger in my journey in life. I have made some good decisions and bad ones on equal measure with one quest in mind, to propel my ego. The deal was good. I took it. Selling every bit of me. Now the devil is after me. He says he is going to get me and I am ready for him. I am many things but a fool is not one of them. "I need redemption" I scream "My daughter, if you want redemption go to church" His crooked laugh screams back to my ears. I put both my hands on my ears and I begin to run. Running to nowhere. I try to shake myself out of this reverie. It is not a dream. It is reality. I wake up and seat on the edge of my bed sweating profusely. See I know the rules of the game. Or I thought I knew the rules. The devil is cunning. He approaches when you are thirsty. Offers you a cold drink in the middle of the desert. Your soul is weak Your mind is troubled. You reach for the drink because of the desire to quench your thirst. This drink never quenches. Instead it feeds on your thirst and makes you want more. This is one of the ways we fall.

I have learnt a moral lesson from the devil. When he wants to dance with, you better say never never because a dance with him may last you forever! Vital.

I am ready for 2014 and its share of baggage, disappointments, tears, joy, successes, et all. I will face my ghosts head on and exorcise each of them. The ghosts of the past year will define this year and make it better. Though still young, it is fruitful and promising. I AM READY FOR YOU!!