Friday, July 15, 2011

Shedding a tear for the dearly departed

The hard reality sunk in! 
In the midst of death there is life,
And i understood the meaning of it,
You cant go through life without caring who you hurt,
But the most painful thing that could ever happen,
Is to realize that you are both better off without each other.
I knew our friendship would never sever,
But I was wrong because that was just a line,

Sometimes I wonder how it got to the mistrust?
And the bad mouthing behind each others backs?
So many questions linger on my mind,
But most of them pass unanswered.
I never wanted you out of my life,
I never wanted it to end this way
But it did!

Brother and sister of nature,
sometimes the most important thing to know, 
Is when to get out and when to give in,
You could see the pain in my eyes when every other person believed the smile,
But maybe we were just simple friends,
That is why with one simple argument,the friendship is over,
That is why the sea of mistrust engulfs you,
moving on os simple but what you leave behind is all that makes it hard.

In the morning when you wake up and the day fades,
your make up rans off and eyes swollen from crying all night,
You taught me just to hold on,
A vital lesson I am taking with me to Neverland,
I dont want to wake up,
I dont want reality intruding my dream,
Life was Long you made it short,
But I realised just like seasons people have the ability to change.

From where I stand this is you,
The only person who was friends with me for me,
We hurt each other the most,
But since its not like I have many friends myself,
I can use every lying backstabbing one I got,
For great friends are hard to find,difficult to leave and hard to forget,
Friend are not who we have known the longest,
Its who came and never left your side,
This chapter has an ending 
I think our story was SHORT.

No explanations necessary,

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