Sunday, July 31, 2011

What Somali Needs?

I have just read an article where the UN is calling for more funding for the Horn of Africa. I don't object that it is a good cause by good people but that is not what Somali NEEDS. Every other factor Somali is facing against the backbone of starvation was created by the conflict that has been going on for as long as I remember, before I even learned that if you put 1+1 you get 2.

For close to 20 years the world has stood and watched Somali turn into a FAILED STATE run by Islamic insurgents who taint the Islam Religion. I think we should go back to the drawing board and structure yet again what Somali needs.If the increasingly violent,chaotic situation does not end,then I am sorry that we shall continue asking for more donors to come on board. But for how long are we going to watch this humanitarian situation evolving? For how long will Somali continue being a state of anarchy?
It is not more funding that will end the humanitarian situation in Somali but Peace. Peace comes with a cost. The dire situation in Somali should not continue to be ignored any longer. The world should come together as a global village to combat and tame the crisis in Somali. What Somali needs is a total diversion from Aid and funding but instead help them from their pitiful situation. Their population is already exhausted and what it really needs at this point is guaranteed security.
What Somali needs is rapid deployment of peacekeepers to combat the growing efforts of the Al shabab especially now that the holy month of Ramadhan is about to begin.

Let us not fool ourselves that AID alone is enough, it will not help solve the humanitarian crisis. For as long as there is still no peace in Somali,the crisis will continue to evolve,the people will continue to die from the unplanned attacks from the insurgents or from the outcome created by the crisis.

What shall we do for Somali? What can you do? That is what all the international community should be concerned with now. Today I rest my main question: