Saturday, June 16, 2012

Friends Till The End, Even in Death.

I am sitting at the balcony of my room staring deep out of the window. The day is rather calm and peaceful, the atmosphere serene and the sun lay loosely on the clouds. I glance once again at the news paper lying on my bed. I cant help the tear that trickled down my cheeks.It is barely less than two Km from where dark June 10. 2012 took place. I realize its been a sad week for Kenya. My mind wanders momentarily from Saitoti to Ojode. Wonderful Kenyan Citizens that we have been robbed of at the prime of their careers. My mind is full of questions even as I bid them farewell. there is so much unsaid in my heart! So many questions! so many what If's! My my condolences rest with the families. Rest in Peace Hon. George Saitoti. Rest In Peace Hon. Orwa Ojode. Even when the media forgets you after this week, in the hearts of those you touched you shall live forever. you made a difference in the lives of thousands. You changed the story of many and you are admired by most. Even when your constituents elect new leaders, in some way they will never fit your shoes! The people of Ndhiwa and Kajiado North have lost great men and I join them in mourning as they are being laid to rest this weekend. I admired your blissful relationship Hon Saitoti and Hon Ojode. I wish all this Ministers and Mp's learn something from you.There was no tribal factor and party politics and party affiliations between you and this is what leadership constitutes.

Fare thee well till we meet again. As I grew up I realized that one common denominator that we have is death. its inevitable and only God gets to determine. You can control birth but not death. rest in Peace.