Wednesday, December 7, 2011



 A wonderful day for me indeed! But who the hell gets late for their graduation ceremony???? I did. and its a long story so let me leave the sleeping dog to rest.

I reach Kamkunji grounds in Kibera way after the graduation ceremony had began. I swear bad traffic was to blame for most of it. Thika road was unbearable as we tried to maneuver the busy Pangani once roundabout. I don't know what to call it now because its neither a roundabout or any other thing that can be defined. It is a Saturday I wondered where all this people were headed to. someone would have thought that the president was coming this way but he rarely does! Has he ever seen the super highway??I ponder and ask myself. I wonder in which year this is going to end. Ipride myself to being one of the luckiest pioneers of this mighty wonder to ever be seen in the history of Kenya: THE SUPER HIGHWAY!  We reach the city center and we are forced to use Langata Road to get to Kibera. What is happening today? There seems to be traffic everywhere!Hell Yah! Its a festive month and also a pay weekend. Those who had parked their cars in the parking lot had it all out including our :) Wer had like a day or two to floss with it before the high petrol prices caught up with our reality.
I am happy to see my classmates again. I had not seen them in ages. They haven't changed much,I note. The school too. Today i was getting awarded for that very dream I had when I was a kid! It was reality transforming itself right in front of my face...... Time flies! It seems like just yesterday when I joined the film school. But here I am done. This is just the beginning of a million steps. It all starts with that one crucial step and I made past it.
This blog particularly I write to thank a few people who have made it possible for me to achieve this day.

First and foremost I want to thank my God, my heavenly father for giving me life,health and opportunity that made it possible for me to see this day. Without you I would never make it, Without you I am alone thank you for being by my side even in this crucial day.

Second I want to thank my dad, James Odongo, My earthly father, Papa thanks for your humility that can be compared to none other than God himself. I have made wrong choices in my life but your humility and love for me has always enabled you to pick me up,dust me and put me on the road again. I love you papa. I don't know who or where I would be without you. I owe you one :)

Thirdly, Nathan Collett. Thank you for giving me that chance and opportunity. You belived in me a total stranger and gave me that golden opportunity and a second chance in life. Before you everything had just been a fantasy but you turned it to reality. Forever I will be grateful to you. Thanks for handing me something very precious, REALITY T)O ACCOMPLISH.

Fourth but that doesn't mean you are only lesser ;) My Friend Kevin Machimbo. All the skills you taught me. For all the sleepless nights you sacrificed and taught me how to edit. Do you recall the day you taught me how to achieve the Luma effect in final cut and I just couldn't get it and you refused me to even wink until I get it right? You evil Friend :) Do you remember all the assumptions people made? All that time they talked you polished my skill. Taught me how to use every equipment and every application. I appreciate every moment of it all. You are just awesome,Simply the best among them all :) Don't be flattered!

Finally my classmates especially my desk mates Naftali Wmbugu and Berry Muga. Remember when we first met total stranger sitting next to each other? But now we leave best of friends. At no point did we ever have any conflicts, yet we worked together most of the time. We always found a common ground and a working formula. You guys rock! Hope we work on more projects together again.

Finally but not least, Hotsun foundation and Kibera Film School.Thanks for being my home for all that while. I lived here! Dwelling here! Thanks. Josephat Keya you are appreciated. even after the crossroads,I always find it in my heart to honour those who touched my life. You have done a lot for me and you Know it. Thanks! EVEN AFTER THE STORM I WILL ALWAYS LOOK BACK!  The great Lectures, thanks for your time and humility and the input that you shared with us. You gave s so much for so little. Our best oes out to you. Pamela, Mercy thanks for everything. As the trustees,you made sure we got. Mercy, it has been great. You the coolest. You understand :) Any other friends I have not mentioned, I love you and it was great meeting you. Life is made out of relationships and I hope we shall be meeting again in this small industry. It was a great experience! All my foes and adversaries, Thanks for making me better and stronger!!

And I finally got that long awaited Certificate. My speech sucked. I am not so good in impomptu speeches. I never honored some people I walked this terrain with but here we are today. Thanks for making that difference. KIBERA FILM SCHOOL rocks!! This is where you go and come back together with life skills attached to your certificate. If the clock was to turn back I wouldn't want to be anywhere else other than here. I love you Hotsun Foundation and everywhere I go In my heart is where I hold you. No matter What!!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

What Somali Needs?

I have just read an article where the UN is calling for more funding for the Horn of Africa. I don't object that it is a good cause by good people but that is not what Somali NEEDS. Every other factor Somali is facing against the backbone of starvation was created by the conflict that has been going on for as long as I remember, before I even learned that if you put 1+1 you get 2.

For close to 20 years the world has stood and watched Somali turn into a FAILED STATE run by Islamic insurgents who taint the Islam Religion. I think we should go back to the drawing board and structure yet again what Somali needs.If the increasingly violent,chaotic situation does not end,then I am sorry that we shall continue asking for more donors to come on board. But for how long are we going to watch this humanitarian situation evolving? For how long will Somali continue being a state of anarchy?
It is not more funding that will end the humanitarian situation in Somali but Peace. Peace comes with a cost. The dire situation in Somali should not continue to be ignored any longer. The world should come together as a global village to combat and tame the crisis in Somali. What Somali needs is a total diversion from Aid and funding but instead help them from their pitiful situation. Their population is already exhausted and what it really needs at this point is guaranteed security.
What Somali needs is rapid deployment of peacekeepers to combat the growing efforts of the Al shabab especially now that the holy month of Ramadhan is about to begin.

Let us not fool ourselves that AID alone is enough, it will not help solve the humanitarian crisis. For as long as there is still no peace in Somali,the crisis will continue to evolve,the people will continue to die from the unplanned attacks from the insurgents or from the outcome created by the crisis.

What shall we do for Somali? What can you do? That is what all the international community should be concerned with now. Today I rest my main question:


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What's The Point?

Its okay to feel angry,
Its okay to feel pain,
It's even okay to hate the person that did that to you,
But when that anger and pain become too much for you,
Come see me,
For I am your family and we gonna work through this together,
The sea of life,
That is how I would call it,
Life is too short to wrestle with bitterness,
And that is why I am writing what the point is,
For myself,for you, for us,
Thats what writers do,
They put pen into paper in times of devastating tragedy,
Just trying to make sense out of all these,
Maybe we will find clarity in some of these words!

Friday, July 15, 2011


I can cause multiple destructions in my anger,
I am cool until something sparks me
just then I erupt,
Just like a volcano.

I am humble until I am stirred,
I can be very arrogant,
and can break numerous spirits,
Just like the volcano,
I can be cool till I erupt.

Like a volcano appears beautiful,
so does my face before I switch,
My guarded heart with thorns ready to prick
Like a volcano before I erupt I am a wonderful site,
But when my lava shoots,
You can not stand me.

Yes this is me!
Experience me.

Shedding a tear for the dearly departed

The hard reality sunk in! 
In the midst of death there is life,
And i understood the meaning of it,
You cant go through life without caring who you hurt,
But the most painful thing that could ever happen,
Is to realize that you are both better off without each other.
I knew our friendship would never sever,
But I was wrong because that was just a line,

Sometimes I wonder how it got to the mistrust?
And the bad mouthing behind each others backs?
So many questions linger on my mind,
But most of them pass unanswered.
I never wanted you out of my life,
I never wanted it to end this way
But it did!

Brother and sister of nature,
sometimes the most important thing to know, 
Is when to get out and when to give in,
You could see the pain in my eyes when every other person believed the smile,
But maybe we were just simple friends,
That is why with one simple argument,the friendship is over,
That is why the sea of mistrust engulfs you,
moving on os simple but what you leave behind is all that makes it hard.

In the morning when you wake up and the day fades,
your make up rans off and eyes swollen from crying all night,
You taught me just to hold on,
A vital lesson I am taking with me to Neverland,
I dont want to wake up,
I dont want reality intruding my dream,
Life was Long you made it short,
But I realised just like seasons people have the ability to change.

From where I stand this is you,
The only person who was friends with me for me,
We hurt each other the most,
But since its not like I have many friends myself,
I can use every lying backstabbing one I got,
For great friends are hard to find,difficult to leave and hard to forget,
Friend are not who we have known the longest,
Its who came and never left your side,
This chapter has an ending 
I think our story was SHORT.

No explanations necessary,

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I thought I would feel the gap,
I thought I would feel the emptiness.
But so far I am glad and I feel the relief,
I thought I would weep, shed maybe a tear or two,
I thought I would be weak, But so far I am strong,
I am so glad you went away,
and today I pop my champagne,
This is to the fallen friendship,
I celebrate this day because I never knew you would be ........
I fail to get the words to express it
But this is to the fallen friendship
A friendship so strong I thought could endure any amount of storm,
But guess what? I was wrong.................
But I am glad its gone. Gone wind the wind.
And so I pop that bottle of champagne and scream

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I'm so grateful that I have you as a daughter,

No matter how many birthdays come and go, you'll always be my little girl,

You grow sweeter with each passing year,

I'm so glad that God gave me a daughter like you,

Happy Birthday to our pride and joy,

To a wonderful daughter and a great friend,

You are my one true treasure,

And I want to tell you that you are highly appreciated.

It does not matter whether I am there for your Birthday or not,

But it matters that I will always be there,

That shadow Behind your wall,

That Silent whisper when the wind whistles,

That Ray of sun while it rises,

The brightest star in the sky,

The rain that cools the earth,

When you see all these things, Remember I am watching,

I am always there too!

Love Mama

Time Bears it All!

I wonder where you are.
and if the pain ends when you die.
I wonder if there was
some better way to say good bye

I've got good news and bad news.
The bad news is that I died. The good news
is that it was only on the inside

Don't threaten me with what you think I feel
If you could read my mind,
you'd be in tears

Friends aren't forever.
And even families sometimes fall apart.
The only person who is guaranteed to be by your side through thick&think
from your first breath to your last sputter is you.

ever had one of those days when you hate
the world and just dropping your pen
makes you want to break down and cry?

Maybe our mistakes are what make our fate.
them, what would shape our lives?
Perhaps if we never veered off course,
we wouldn't fall in love, or have babies, or be who we are.
After all, seasons change, so do cities.
People come into your life and people go.
But it's comforting to know the ones you love are always in your heart.
And if you're very lucky, a plane ride away

I like talking to strangers, it stops me from feeling so alone in
the world, like someone out there might understand me.
and not just judge me but share with me  

Do you ever get that feeling where you don’t want to talk to anybody,You don’t want to smile,and you don’t wanna fake being happy,
but at the same time...
you don’t know exactly what is wrong either?

At this moment there are 6,470,818,671 people in the world.
Some are running scared. Some are coming home.
Some tell lies to make it through the day. Others are just now facing the truth.
Some are evil men, at war with good. And some are good, struggling with evil. Six
billion people in the world six billion souls. And sometimes all you need is one,
one soul that will understand you no matter what.

Not even your parents know you well enough
to know how well you hide. They won't see
the pain you're in. You hide it so well behind
your pretty face. No one can ever tell how
much your feeling out of place.

Don't tell me you know how it feels.
Don't tell me you understand.
Don't tell me what you're going through is the same as this. Just don't.  

Don't attempt to make this better!


Friday, April 22, 2011


Why must everyone,
Get the wrong idea.
When two people are friends,
That is all they feel.
One moment others like the thought,
The next they are against it.
So then they begin to,
Make up lies with what they want.
A lot of shit can come from a tale,
Just try it for yourself.
If you make up a lie,
And tell it to one soul.
The next time you hear it,
It's strtched a mile wide.
Nothing makes me any madder,
Than listening to these lies.
That's why I just sit back,
And let them slip on by...


These people don't care about me, fake smiles
They just watch with their accusing eyes...
Waiting for me to mess up, join their files
All they want to know about me is lies.

Deceived beings of hopelessness with no where to go
Wanting to feel better about themselves by hurting me
So they can talk about me behind my back like a private show
Pretentious souls, they only see what they want to see!

They only believe what they want to believe
Eaten up by their inner deceptions; they pretend
All of them so blind and blatantly deceived...
This shallowness is their means and their end!

In the end it doesn't matter because it's not truth
They think they can hurt me with their talk, impure
But I feel sorry for them, they waste their youth!
I only feel bad for them because I know they got it bad!


It does not really matter what they say about me,

Because they are all rumors and lies,

Their words scream to me a lullaby and wash me pain,

But in the end its still my life and i will do as i please with it,

Always keeping the positive on my mind,

I dont care what and how they have to say it,

Because they can not change me,

They gossip and whisper,

The same pattern each day,

And that leaves me wondering: Isn't there anything valuable to do with their TIME?

Many names fly around these halls and they all evolve around me,

I become more observant of my surrounding,

Its raising and falling,

My friends fading and leaving me to my fate


You think that i don't care,

You think that i don't see,

Bit I am moe aware of what is said about me,

Behind my back passing glances ,

Shifty eyes as I walk by............,

Contorted faces by mute advances,

My ear drums cant help but spy!

Their careless whispers travel fast,

Never thinking about the hurt ,the pain?

Though I realize this shall pass,

And the phase of rumors was for you gain.

So caught up with your insecurities,

And your selfish desire to be on the lime light,

The difference is that i have the best interests at heart,

While you are driven by selfish desires and gains.

Despite all you have done, I will raise still for,

This is my life!


 I have no respect for justice.

I maim without killing.

I break hearts,ruin lives and destroy friendships,

I am cunning and malicious and gather strength with age.

The more I am quoted the more I am believed.

My victims are helpless and can not protect themselves because i have no name and face.

To track me down is impossible. The harder you try, the more elusive I become.

 Once I tarnish a reputation, it is never the same.

 I ruin careers and cause sleepless nights, heartaches and indigestion. I make innocent people cry in their pillows.

Even my name hisses.

I make headlines and headaches even in the corridors.

Before you repeat a story, ask yourself:
    Is it true?
    Is it harmless?
    Is it necessary?
    If it isn’t, don’t repeat it.

My Condolences.

I know from experience how difficult dealing with loss can be, but I also know how empowering and special it feels to receive the perfect support from people in our lives. Words not only hug your heart in a time of loss, they are also powerful and healing.

I never got to meet your mum but I heard of the good things she had to give up so that people like me can be somewhere once upon a lifetime.

My commitment to you and to my mom is to share ways to put a smile on a person's face and touch their soul during a very painful time of illness and loss. I have been there, done this.  My mother was also my best friend. She was there for me in every aspect of the world. She was loving, sarcastic, a beautiful woman and loved to clean and cook. I miss her daily and am learning how to deal in this world without her. But I am also grateful that I had her in my life for so long and am doing my best to live by her motto. "Learn something new every day, learn forgiveness, and be kind" It's a lot easier when you lean into the pain of loss and lean into all the love that surrounds you.

 Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.

Show Me What Betrayal is?

Why cant people be loyal and keep their promises?
When you cry,
a "friend" callously brushes it aside and yet expects you to sympathize when things aren't going right with them.
You call them, they won't answer, yet they expect to you to pick up
the phone on the first ring.
Where are they when you need help, they are doing their own thing
Until it’s time to call you to their side.
Still, through it all you have remained their friend. When will it end?
Hands stretched out expecting, always with a friendly, cajoling smile
on their face.
Yet, when you look at them, there is no trace of the deceit inside,
and the uncaring attitude they hide.
They swear they are your friend and somehow make you believe it.
But reality has set in.
The facade they erected, the smiling eyes, the caring words,
is just a farce!
You have always been there for them, but where were they
in your darkest hour?
The little sacrifices, the words of encouragement you give, are
Overlooked , when it’s all about them…………
Gifts that were given, long forgotten, like dust brushed under a rug.
Hurt and anger builds up.
What else would you expect . A change for the better,
is that too much to ask?
But now you are faced with an insurmountable task of living your life with
one less friend. Hopefully!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Dear Blog!

                    It has been a while since i was last here. I have been extremely busy and so i will hope and expect you to forgive me. I have noticed that i only get to write to you when i am extremely happy or extremely sad. This amount to using you but i wanted to let you know that this is the best place for me to be in the world and i love you so much because you are the only one i can share with my innermost thoughts. P.S I LOVE YOU.


Saturday, March 26, 2011


I am a big believer when it comes to naturing whatever form of relationships. It is by chance we met but by choce we became friends. your smile lightens me and it makes me smile too and  then I realise that friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together. Some people come into our lives and fade quickly through the thin air, some move our souls with the rythyms that fill the world, they aweken us to new understanding with the passing whisper of their wisdom and intelligence, some make the sky more beautiful to gaze upon,they stay in our lives for a while, leave footprints in our lives and we are never  the same again! This is the part i feel you brought with you into my life. I am glad to have known you, to have met you in this lifetime. I view friendship as a sweet responsibility and not opportunity.

No matter where we met,I call you a friend. A world so small yet so large in feeling,a world filled with emotions. Its true when i say that great things come in small packages and once the package of friendship has been opened, it can never be closed.

Friendships forged are a construct stronger than steel built as a foundation. It is necessary for life and just like that circle, our friendship has no begining and i hope it will not have an end too.

I am glad you are my friend.
Your smile makes me smile 
Your pain makes me cry!!

                                                                                                                                           With love



A simple friend, when visiting, acts like a guest.
A real friend opens your refrigerator and helps himself 
(and doesn't feel even the least bit weird shutting your 
Coke/Pepsi drawer with his foot!)

A simple friend has never seen you cry. 
A real friend has shoulders soggy from your tears.

A simple friend doesn't know your parents' first names. 
A real friend has their phone numbers in his address book.

A simple friend brings a bottle of wine to your party. 
A real friend comes early to help you cook 
and stays late to help you clean. 

A simple friend hates it when you call 
after they've gone to bed. 
A real friend asks you why you took so long to call. 

A simple friend seeks to talk with you 
about your problems. 
A real friend seeks to help you with your problems.

A simple friend wonders about your romantic history. 
A real friend could blackmail you with it.

A simple friend thinks the friendship is over 
when you have an argument. 
A real friend calls you after you had a fight. 

A simple friend expects you to always be there for them. 
A real friend expects to always be there for you!

gold flower

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The real me

During the day with my friends

I act like nothing is wrong

like i am the happiest girl in the world

nothing can break me

always positive

listening to my friends problems

comfort them if I need to

then at night all alone

thats when the true me comes out

thats when I cry

thats when I need a friend

but I can't really blame them

since they just dont know that side of me

Alluta Continua!!!

So far away from that place and those people

yet somehow they still are in my life

i went away so that i wouldnt have to deal with it

but i guess running away doesnt help

so when i come back

I am going to be strong

I will face my demons

and I wont back down

Saturday, February 19, 2011


I woke up today feeling kinda ......... I can not explain that feeling except that the cup of coffee really helped me a lot. Could i be addicted to this stuff? Every time i feel that I am under pressure it has this way of calming me down. Today I am not under pressure,a little anxious, yes. Tomorrow i get the chance to follow and be what i had envisioned to become ages back then. I want to write but i wanted filmmaking quite as bad. I already am a writer its just that i never published but now this will be a milestone.Why did God have to make me wait for this long for this Chance to come??? Wait it just never came,I had like to fight for it and i never gave up even when the tides were strong. I always said to my self if i had waited for 6 years for an opportunity like this,what was another 6 months and so i vowed to wait and finally that day is here with me.

The story of my life is a funny one.Someone might think that I am crazy but the reality is that when you want something so bad you got to get it. Every day i woke up for those six years i would look at the mirror and say that i was going to make it one day. I never wanted to do anything else because it would ruin the chances of pursuing what i wanted. You see there is a difference between doing what you have to do and doing what you love. I love what i do. I dont think i have any regrets for my past. I has shaped me,and everyday i know what to expect from life.I believe that my past failures and and frustraions were laying the foundation of life.

For six years people believed that i was lazy and never wanted to work. Yes i went to school and finished college,but i just never wanted to work in some boring office as a MANAGER. I never needed that. I know right now you are wondering is she nut?? Yes i am nuts. The management course i did it for my father.I AM NOT and i repeat I am not a suit person. How would i even look like wearing one??? I try to imagine. If there is anything i am attached to is my skinny jeans. I love them so much that i cant live without wearing them. My daughter Raychelle one morining told me that i was the best mom in the world and i was shocked where this was coming from. "why?" i asked her and she said "because you are hip" I took this to mean that my hips have enlaged again and that was a couse of worry to me and i asked her " Have i grown fat sweety?" And she laughed her head off! "No mom,It just means you are stylish and i love it. You are so 80's" This remark made me feel really old. and the next thing i was tempted to ask her was "is my face wrinkled Sweety?" You see this little girl i love very much, and i realized that she is not little anymore because she is the one who reminds me to do what i have forgotten in the to do list.I dont have one but she has one! She has the ability of telling it like it is,and so i expected her to tell me something like "just a bit" I think the concern on my voice made her lie "dont worry mom,you would pass for my sister." Oh you lying child! always looking for ways to make me feel better after rubbing it on my face. Auggggh! You should be glad i can tolerate you.
Raychelle just popped in but i was trying to justify why i could not wear suits to work. They make me feel like some country woman straight from the village. I am never comfortable putting on one, and this reminds me of an  incident i always laugh while i try not to think of it.My dad "had" to like get me a job at some lawyer friend if his. I hate the dress code of lawyers. I was supposed to be his assistant and so he called me to an interview together with two other females. I wore a black pin stripped suit,dont worry it was knee length and a light grey top. It felt like i was going to a funeral and i had like to look at every window in town to confirm this. In the office i found two ladies,my age i think seated in the reception,I thought about saying hi and decided not to because of the kind of look they gave me.I have never understood whether it was envy or pity,i never have quite understood that.

This world is full of hypocrites.This particular man makes this women come for interviews while he knew very well he had given the job to me courtesy of my dad,his friend! I have not gotten up to this day what he wanted with the women and to think that i let him down after one month,life is a bitch! I tendered my resignation letter. Dont give me that look. I ran out of clothes to wear! LoL! Yes i did. I had to like wear the very one suit each day.I dont own any skirts except for two and that was getting kind of tricky.God how i loved and waited for friday. I have worked in several places just to earn money after being so broke but never did i find solace in what i did.Every job i did,i quit in less or just two months.I got tired period. I guess i was lacking something and trying to find some missing puzzle in my life. I was looking for just that IT thing,I had no clue where i would find it.

I love technology.Technology made me find the "IT" i was searching for. Someone i met through technology changed my life. Gave me that chance i terribly need,a total stranger who believed in me only through mail.His name is Nathan Collett.  They say that you just never know who you meet next in your life and he might be the one changing your life for the better.It might be just that person you meet in the coffee line,why do i always think coffee,coffee,coffee,I should see a therapist,or the next person sitted next to you on the plane or it might be this person you meet online. Yes they are real and humans. Through Nathan,i have been able to achieve some wonderful achievement,like Kibera TV,Kibera Film School Which I join beginning monday,and i have met this wonderful women who i admire so much.I admire their work and most of all their strength! This is Pamela Collett and Mercy Murugi.I want to say that you guys are the best people i ever met in my life and thank you for believing  and investing in me a perfect stranger.

I start the journey to the promised land tomorrow because of all of you and just want you all to know how grateful i am. I could not afford to pay you back anything but to write this priceless note i would,just to say thank you for being part of my shaping my dream, i hope not to wake up soon unless its finished,to walk that journey and to grab it all.You see if you want your life to be passionate you have to live with attitude and expectancy,and when the floodgates open,everything will fall in place.ALLUTA CONTINUA!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Hip Hop

There are points at which my mind wanders everywhere and this is just one of those days. It keeps popping out unexpected questions to me like what would i do if i was king for one day? Hmmmmm! That is subject to debate of another time because the list is endless, Eish! I aint no greedy! Another creepy question it lead me to was what if i was a millionaire over night? I mean it all depends from which country i was to be a millionaire....yes that is crucial. The point is simply,I love it when my mind escapes to that point where it is just me, fantasy land. It is like the most peaceful and satisfactory place to be. No one else is allowed to live in my fantasy land other than me. Welcome to my mind!

I will tell you the cause of me snapping back to my world at this point and hour of the day.I am sitting on the couch idly crunching away some pop corns i had made for guests who never made it, the problem with such guests is that they waste your time and productivity. They do not call to cancel their dates but they never make it all together. Now that am thinking about it, none of them made it and am beginning to think "conspiracy".They conspired against me and they had it all figured out........... Brats! Am glad they never made it anyway. I am sitting there doing nothing and then my mind wanders, no visualizes,let me get the better term. You see wandering means aimlessly,but my mine wanders aim fully. Is there even such a word? Can you actually believe that I am dating Brad Pitt? What do you mean the movie star??? Of course the movie star. There is only one Brad Pitt in the world,and if there is any other they are copy cats. So am dating Mr.Pitt on this very moment,do not die of jealous, he just happened to dump Angelinna Jollie right in front of my very face and took off with me! Yeah right! You see,this is the power of fantasy,the power of mind wandering and it gets better when you get to like share it with the rest of mankind.I am not expelling the fact that 10% of them will dismiss and even laugh,this is when you wonder what is so amusing?The reality is that all these are events and events take place! It does not matter where they take place from so Shut Up and stop laughing!

My point is,the power of imagination can make it reality. If you visualize something for so long,it actually becomes a reality.I am not saying that i would get to date Brad Pitt, Ah Yew! He is just not my type. What?? You want to know what my type is? The type of man i would date has not yet been born and Brad Pitt is out of my league, Way out of it! Don't get me twisted! I have been writing since i was 13 years old. Can you actually believe that i don't even have any kind of material published???? I wonder where iI have been.I have dreams and imaginations pf being a best seller one of the damn fine days. I will get there.I can not explain what is stopping me but the time is just not right. Just the other day i had the pleasure of meeting Ishmael Berger, former Sierra Leone war child and best selling author and i was dying of envy. No no, envy from admiration. Don't get me wrong, i just want to write and let the world appreciate my art work. Its not about the fame and the money, even though they will always be part of it,but the inspiration behind it and watching the world embrace my creativity,my art with grammar and words, with of course my power of mind at the steering wheel. This will be like the corner stone and height of it all. Just where i would want to be. You see in life it is not always about luck but about finding one self. I always tell my little girl that there is no beter feeling in the world other than achieving one's child hood dreams. Its more like marrying the boy or girl you had a crush on when you were like 13 years old. It feels like winning an award or trophy. Talking of crushes, I once had the opportunity of dating this guy i had a crush on while i was 13 at 23. can you believe this nigga had a crush on me too??? For that long he had wanted me and he just never knew what to say??? Amazing Life! Why didn't he just walk over and say to me "hey i like you?" I personally still don't understand it but those are just details. Me and Hip Hop,never quite stayed in the relationship. I discovered that he had a bad breath and ............... any way that was not the main cause of the break up.I discovered that i just could not stand this guy i had fantasies of for like forever....Does forever ever exist??????? You tell me!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Myldongo Press: TODAY!!!!

Myldongo Press: TODAY!!!!: "I wondered what next for me????? Its like the world suddenly froze for a minute or so before i could get out of my stupor. I wok..."

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I wondered what next for me????? Its like the world suddenly froze  for a minute or so before i could get out of my stupor.  I woke up this morning feeling a little bit ish-ish. I could not explain what it was, i was, feeling any way but whatever it was made me determined to pull through it. Can you believe that i cleaned the entire house??? I could not believe it either, not that i do not do any chores, but I hate doing this particular one. It makes me sick!!! "Maybe i am dying today"! just a thought.

As usual I was punctual.I am not bragging but I am one of the most punctual beings. lets just say that i know the essence of keeping up with time. Do i really??? Well...... those are just details. I sat in the reception and some kind of familiarity came flooding back to me, "the I have been there before kind of feeling". I stared at the floor blankly. What would this day be like ?? a breaking point or a starting point, i could not help bit wonder....... Damn!!!! I hate suspense. Why couldn't God just whisper the future to me? Hold on a minute is there anything like FUTURE??? I have never seen the future in the many years that i have had the privilege to live. Anyway that is not the point, the point is subject of today.

"Number five", I heard a voice. I pulled out of my reverie..... "that was number". I stood up and walked to this room with only two guys,i was the third and damn it felt full. My stomach danced and did a grumble. I instantly became hungry. I had just had a  full cup of coffee,no sorry it was two  cups of them,black and strong, that is how i take it, my coffee of course. I sat down. i forced a smile on my rather serious face,on a different platform you wouldn't dare smile at me. "How are you today Mildred?" Both the judges greeted me with a cheery attitude that made me freak. I had to force the same "cheery"attitude. You see I am not exactly used to smiling or even being all friendly but i just had to pretend because i knew they were faking it too. I mean they were doing there job and were here to judge me,so.........

"Am fine." still smiling,i felt like my face was getting old due to the smiling. I stared away. The glaring,tantalizing pairs of eyes tried to read me.I don't know what was the first impression that i had made and probably would never know but i blushed and looked away. You see the point is that am kind of shy...... Yes i am.... Why are you looking at me with those kind of eyes? Is it a crime to be shy? I think every one is at some point considering when you have like people who are there to rate you or try and analyze who you are.

"I have been a filmmaker in my own world" That was my opening statement.powerful statement indeed but i grew numb when i was asked to elaborate my point...... my head went blank. You see the problem with being a writer is that you can explain yourself well in written words only and thus my failure of words to say. I am not trying to justify me but admitting that I have a weakness. Audible words. So as am sitted here typing my words away,my future lies at stake somewhere. In the hand of two perfect strangers is where a future,as is said, lies in balance........ Auuuuuugh!!! Cant this day be done with already............

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Look at me now, I am giving change a shot and it has been hard,

Look at me now, But the road has not been a smooth one either,

Look at me now, I started right here and hoped it would get somewhere,

How many dark nights have I known?

I am changing, I am changing!

Look at me now, Trying every way that I can to be better

 with every little thing I got,

Look at me, I am hoping to make it, and I know I can now,

Look at me now, because this time I am getting my life right,

Who said I could do it alone?

I am changing, I am changing!      

Walking down that road, there was nothing I could find,

How many friends have I lost along the way?

All these years darkness has made me blind,

But who said I could not be a better brand?

Look at me now I am changing, I am changing!

                                                  By Mildred Odongo
                                  Myldak.Odongo Awesome.Inc

                        Copyright protected by Myldongo Press



Take a moment, look around,

Listen to the chilling sounds,

The agony of a ghetto child,

The pain of a battered child,

In this hell that is called a world we live.

Children suffer in the slums,

Parents neglect them everywhere,

Society and world forget they exist

To whom do they turn for their needs?

To whom do they turn today for advice?

Maybe tomorrow,

We shall wake up to see,

A brand new world beginning,

A world that is kind and free,

One that cares for one and all,

Thanks to you Hot Sun Foundation,

Our donors and well wishers,

Our tomorrow has been made better by you,

I smile, while walking , head  held high,

Thanking God and knowing my future has been solidified.

                                    Written by Mildred Odongo

                                   Myldak.Odongo Awesome inc.
                   Copyright protected by myldongo press

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The last stride home

Clearly this is so deep i dont know where to begin. Is there anything like a coincidence in this life???? I think everyone in my life is here with a purpose from the creator.

I begin the story of a young girl struggling to become someone in the community. A decade has passed her by and there has been plenty lost. But Allegra is not the kind of person to loose hope. This is her story:

Allegra sighs,so much has gone on and she is wheather beaten. Of what sense has life been to her? She has had alot going on lately. "Maybe today........,today my sincere prayers shall be answered" She opens the door and the chilly morning crisp wind hit her face lightly. "Hmmmmmmm!" she sighs clutching her hand bag tightly on her shoulder as she closed the door behind her and begun descending on the stairs one by one. She was late again,she checked her watch,five minutes. She hastened her strides.

Ten minutes later she was at the reception of the sales and marketing company. The reception seemed to be crowded, her stomach tightened. The competion seemed to be huge. She scanned the room face full of envy. "One of us is going to take that coveted position." she thought jelously. The reception was full and hot. She could feel her skin burn and itch. A thin line of sweat broke in her fore head...........................