Friday, April 22, 2011


These people don't care about me, fake smiles
They just watch with their accusing eyes...
Waiting for me to mess up, join their files
All they want to know about me is lies.

Deceived beings of hopelessness with no where to go
Wanting to feel better about themselves by hurting me
So they can talk about me behind my back like a private show
Pretentious souls, they only see what they want to see!

They only believe what they want to believe
Eaten up by their inner deceptions; they pretend
All of them so blind and blatantly deceived...
This shallowness is their means and their end!

In the end it doesn't matter because it's not truth
They think they can hurt me with their talk, impure
But I feel sorry for them, they waste their youth!
I only feel bad for them because I know they got it bad!

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