Friday, April 22, 2011

Show Me What Betrayal is?

Why cant people be loyal and keep their promises?
When you cry,
a "friend" callously brushes it aside and yet expects you to sympathize when things aren't going right with them.
You call them, they won't answer, yet they expect to you to pick up
the phone on the first ring.
Where are they when you need help, they are doing their own thing
Until it’s time to call you to their side.
Still, through it all you have remained their friend. When will it end?
Hands stretched out expecting, always with a friendly, cajoling smile
on their face.
Yet, when you look at them, there is no trace of the deceit inside,
and the uncaring attitude they hide.
They swear they are your friend and somehow make you believe it.
But reality has set in.
The facade they erected, the smiling eyes, the caring words,
is just a farce!
You have always been there for them, but where were they
in your darkest hour?
The little sacrifices, the words of encouragement you give, are
Overlooked , when it’s all about them…………
Gifts that were given, long forgotten, like dust brushed under a rug.
Hurt and anger builds up.
What else would you expect . A change for the better,
is that too much to ask?
But now you are faced with an insurmountable task of living your life with
one less friend. Hopefully!

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