Friday, April 22, 2011


It does not really matter what they say about me,

Because they are all rumors and lies,

Their words scream to me a lullaby and wash me pain,

But in the end its still my life and i will do as i please with it,

Always keeping the positive on my mind,

I dont care what and how they have to say it,

Because they can not change me,

They gossip and whisper,

The same pattern each day,

And that leaves me wondering: Isn't there anything valuable to do with their TIME?

Many names fly around these halls and they all evolve around me,

I become more observant of my surrounding,

Its raising and falling,

My friends fading and leaving me to my fate


You think that i don't care,

You think that i don't see,

Bit I am moe aware of what is said about me,

Behind my back passing glances ,

Shifty eyes as I walk by............,

Contorted faces by mute advances,

My ear drums cant help but spy!

Their careless whispers travel fast,

Never thinking about the hurt ,the pain?

Though I realize this shall pass,

And the phase of rumors was for you gain.

So caught up with your insecurities,

And your selfish desire to be on the lime light,

The difference is that i have the best interests at heart,

While you are driven by selfish desires and gains.

Despite all you have done, I will raise still for,

This is my life!

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