Thursday, January 20, 2011


Look at me now, I am giving change a shot and it has been hard,

Look at me now, But the road has not been a smooth one either,

Look at me now, I started right here and hoped it would get somewhere,

How many dark nights have I known?

I am changing, I am changing!

Look at me now, Trying every way that I can to be better

 with every little thing I got,

Look at me, I am hoping to make it, and I know I can now,

Look at me now, because this time I am getting my life right,

Who said I could do it alone?

I am changing, I am changing!      

Walking down that road, there was nothing I could find,

How many friends have I lost along the way?

All these years darkness has made me blind,

But who said I could not be a better brand?

Look at me now I am changing, I am changing!

                                                  By Mildred Odongo
                                  Myldak.Odongo Awesome.Inc

                        Copyright protected by Myldongo Press

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