Thursday, January 20, 2011


Look at me now, I am giving change a shot and it has been hard,

Look at me now, But the road has not been a smooth one either,

Look at me now, I started right here and hoped it would get somewhere,

How many dark nights have I known?

I am changing, I am changing!

Look at me now, Trying every way that I can to be better

 with every little thing I got,

Look at me, I am hoping to make it, and I know I can now,

Look at me now, because this time I am getting my life right,

Who said I could do it alone?

I am changing, I am changing!      

Walking down that road, there was nothing I could find,

How many friends have I lost along the way?

All these years darkness has made me blind,

But who said I could not be a better brand?

Look at me now I am changing, I am changing!

                                                  By Mildred Odongo
                                  Myldak.Odongo Awesome.Inc

                        Copyright protected by Myldongo Press



Take a moment, look around,

Listen to the chilling sounds,

The agony of a ghetto child,

The pain of a battered child,

In this hell that is called a world we live.

Children suffer in the slums,

Parents neglect them everywhere,

Society and world forget they exist

To whom do they turn for their needs?

To whom do they turn today for advice?

Maybe tomorrow,

We shall wake up to see,

A brand new world beginning,

A world that is kind and free,

One that cares for one and all,

Thanks to you Hot Sun Foundation,

Our donors and well wishers,

Our tomorrow has been made better by you,

I smile, while walking , head  held high,

Thanking God and knowing my future has been solidified.

                                    Written by Mildred Odongo

                                   Myldak.Odongo Awesome inc.
                   Copyright protected by myldongo press

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The last stride home

Clearly this is so deep i dont know where to begin. Is there anything like a coincidence in this life???? I think everyone in my life is here with a purpose from the creator.

I begin the story of a young girl struggling to become someone in the community. A decade has passed her by and there has been plenty lost. But Allegra is not the kind of person to loose hope. This is her story:

Allegra sighs,so much has gone on and she is wheather beaten. Of what sense has life been to her? She has had alot going on lately. "Maybe today........,today my sincere prayers shall be answered" She opens the door and the chilly morning crisp wind hit her face lightly. "Hmmmmmmm!" she sighs clutching her hand bag tightly on her shoulder as she closed the door behind her and begun descending on the stairs one by one. She was late again,she checked her watch,five minutes. She hastened her strides.

Ten minutes later she was at the reception of the sales and marketing company. The reception seemed to be crowded, her stomach tightened. The competion seemed to be huge. She scanned the room face full of envy. "One of us is going to take that coveted position." she thought jelously. The reception was full and hot. She could feel her skin burn and itch. A thin line of sweat broke in her fore head...........................