Wednesday, December 7, 2011



 A wonderful day for me indeed! But who the hell gets late for their graduation ceremony???? I did. and its a long story so let me leave the sleeping dog to rest.

I reach Kamkunji grounds in Kibera way after the graduation ceremony had began. I swear bad traffic was to blame for most of it. Thika road was unbearable as we tried to maneuver the busy Pangani once roundabout. I don't know what to call it now because its neither a roundabout or any other thing that can be defined. It is a Saturday I wondered where all this people were headed to. someone would have thought that the president was coming this way but he rarely does! Has he ever seen the super highway??I ponder and ask myself. I wonder in which year this is going to end. Ipride myself to being one of the luckiest pioneers of this mighty wonder to ever be seen in the history of Kenya: THE SUPER HIGHWAY!  We reach the city center and we are forced to use Langata Road to get to Kibera. What is happening today? There seems to be traffic everywhere!Hell Yah! Its a festive month and also a pay weekend. Those who had parked their cars in the parking lot had it all out including our :) Wer had like a day or two to floss with it before the high petrol prices caught up with our reality.
I am happy to see my classmates again. I had not seen them in ages. They haven't changed much,I note. The school too. Today i was getting awarded for that very dream I had when I was a kid! It was reality transforming itself right in front of my face...... Time flies! It seems like just yesterday when I joined the film school. But here I am done. This is just the beginning of a million steps. It all starts with that one crucial step and I made past it.
This blog particularly I write to thank a few people who have made it possible for me to achieve this day.

First and foremost I want to thank my God, my heavenly father for giving me life,health and opportunity that made it possible for me to see this day. Without you I would never make it, Without you I am alone thank you for being by my side even in this crucial day.

Second I want to thank my dad, James Odongo, My earthly father, Papa thanks for your humility that can be compared to none other than God himself. I have made wrong choices in my life but your humility and love for me has always enabled you to pick me up,dust me and put me on the road again. I love you papa. I don't know who or where I would be without you. I owe you one :)

Thirdly, Nathan Collett. Thank you for giving me that chance and opportunity. You belived in me a total stranger and gave me that golden opportunity and a second chance in life. Before you everything had just been a fantasy but you turned it to reality. Forever I will be grateful to you. Thanks for handing me something very precious, REALITY T)O ACCOMPLISH.

Fourth but that doesn't mean you are only lesser ;) My Friend Kevin Machimbo. All the skills you taught me. For all the sleepless nights you sacrificed and taught me how to edit. Do you recall the day you taught me how to achieve the Luma effect in final cut and I just couldn't get it and you refused me to even wink until I get it right? You evil Friend :) Do you remember all the assumptions people made? All that time they talked you polished my skill. Taught me how to use every equipment and every application. I appreciate every moment of it all. You are just awesome,Simply the best among them all :) Don't be flattered!

Finally my classmates especially my desk mates Naftali Wmbugu and Berry Muga. Remember when we first met total stranger sitting next to each other? But now we leave best of friends. At no point did we ever have any conflicts, yet we worked together most of the time. We always found a common ground and a working formula. You guys rock! Hope we work on more projects together again.

Finally but not least, Hotsun foundation and Kibera Film School.Thanks for being my home for all that while. I lived here! Dwelling here! Thanks. Josephat Keya you are appreciated. even after the crossroads,I always find it in my heart to honour those who touched my life. You have done a lot for me and you Know it. Thanks! EVEN AFTER THE STORM I WILL ALWAYS LOOK BACK!  The great Lectures, thanks for your time and humility and the input that you shared with us. You gave s so much for so little. Our best oes out to you. Pamela, Mercy thanks for everything. As the trustees,you made sure we got. Mercy, it has been great. You the coolest. You understand :) Any other friends I have not mentioned, I love you and it was great meeting you. Life is made out of relationships and I hope we shall be meeting again in this small industry. It was a great experience! All my foes and adversaries, Thanks for making me better and stronger!!

And I finally got that long awaited Certificate. My speech sucked. I am not so good in impomptu speeches. I never honored some people I walked this terrain with but here we are today. Thanks for making that difference. KIBERA FILM SCHOOL rocks!! This is where you go and come back together with life skills attached to your certificate. If the clock was to turn back I wouldn't want to be anywhere else other than here. I love you Hotsun Foundation and everywhere I go In my heart is where I hold you. No matter What!!