Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Bitter Option?? Sufferingcom

 It doesn't cost anything to keep a customer happy. A happy customer brings in good returns but that is just the opposite with Safaricom Kenya Ltd. I have tried to be patient hoping but this situation is spiraling out of control. Maybe most of you don't have a problem or are least bit concerned but I am. Communication is key to the growth of any institution and when Safaricom are denying their customers just that????? what is there to be said? Safaricom being with the largest number of mobile subscribers and one of the most successful companies getting billions in profit, I don't understand how such a company can keep a customer on hold for three hours claiming all their agentts are currently busy. That is the least bit of our concerns. I want to speak to a customer care I get one. If they are not enough then hire more. Maybe most of you are not bothered by this, but I am. I speak for that woman and amn in the village who has no other form of media to get help from the customer care desk when they rightly need it. I think we deserve to be treated with a little more respect from the customer care agents who put clients on hold.

I have never been patient enough to hold on when the automative voice suggests that because I am that impatient but today I decided that I would hold no matter what. So I held the call. i put it on loud speaker and began to play a blocked on my cell. After some time I realize I have been holding for a while now. I ignore that fact and keep holding. I dial 234 and I am told the same thing. "All the customer care agents are currently busy" I keep swapping the calls to see which one would be picked but none is. I am bothered by Safaricom's lack of courtesy. I was put on hold for three hours and it would have been more if I had not decided to end the call and write this blog. I think this is unethical and uncalled of. Switch subscribers if you are disgruntled *Bobby Collimore* is probably thinking. But the question is what if we all migrate? I am not the only disgruntled customer in this side of the sahara. Thre are so many of them out there without a platform to vent their anger and frustrations for the uncaring customer care agents of Sufferingcom. We undergo such sufferings while they are busy in some of their best social media sites chatting empty nothings with the people they have just met on the social media and no nothing about at the expense of a vital and critical customer who pays their salary.  Here some of the rules when it comes customer care service that sufferingcom hasn't taught its agents :-

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1. Accessibility

Your organization should be easy to approach. This goes from excellent customer service by phone to providing enough parking spots and flexible opening hours.

2. Reliability

Reliability means that the customer can count on the product or service and the effectiveness of your actions. The product or service should be perfect from the first time and promises must be kept.

3. Proactivity

The customer expects the salesperson to take the initiative and react as quickly as possible. Time counts!

4. Courtesy

Politeness and courtesy have everything to do with respect for the customer, good manners and consideration.

5. Competence

A.k.a. the required skills and knowledge. This counts for every person involved in the project (salesperson, project manager, administrative staff,…).

6. Communication

Smooth communication means that you should not only listen to the customer, but also speak their language. Different customers have different backgrounds, different styles. Some situations will be more formal than others, it’s important to be able to distinguish between both.

7. Credibility

A good reputation, positive image and personal approach will give the customer the feeling that you always have their best interest at heart.

8. Presentation

Looks count, this is no different for business. Make sure you are well-groomed and pay attention to image and design, whether it’s in your advertising or letterheads.

9. Security

The customer has nothing to fear. You handle money and data with care.

10. Understanding

Your organization should take the effort to truly understand your customer’s situation and needs. This asks for empathy. No standard products or services, but personalized solutions.

Empty threats!! Some of them may say but we are the power and we are the people.  MOBILIZATION!

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