Thursday, November 4, 2010

We all learn from mistakes,pick your selves up and dust your selves and braze for what the world has to offer.

You wanna knw when all this stops? It stops right now.Am done trying,done trying to hold all of us together. Maybe its time we al tried to find our different ways. Time has run by that i didnt realise that we have all become adults and each one of us is responsible for their action. Al i have to do from now onwards is watch from a distance. We al learn when we fall and maybe protecting al of you from falling has been my worst sin. The world teacheth fools and i was taught by the world and so will al of you. I write this note wit alot of pain and sadness. Seeing all that you have worked against al the years coming into being and there is nothing you can do to prevent the outcome. A good life prevents one to see what the world has to offer and i cn bet that the world,on your own? Life can be nothing bt harsh. We al learn from our mistakes and hope that you guys will someday. When the heartache is over,i knw i shall be missing you again bt for now,try and find your own way home!

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