Thursday, November 4, 2010

Strictly for you Mama. No one else should read

Lately,av bn doing alot of writing bt i realised that av written notes almost about evry1 and evrything minus the one thing that mattered and still matter in my life,you MAMA. I remember you like it was yestarday, like a blink of an eye,i think about you every single day of my life esp wen am going thru stuff that i knw u wud be around to make ok. Sometimes cnt help bt wonder are you happy where you are?? I really miss u mama. I wish that you would still be here wit us bt one thing is for sure, u cnt come to us bt we shall come to u. Its inevitable. I wish u were here to see how much the kids have grown into responsible young adults. Am so proud of them mama and i knw you would too. Life is strange huh? To think that i never wrote you any mail in life telling you how much i cared (except 4 the damn letters demanding for grabo during visiting day). I was a kid by the time you left us,maybe a girl,bt now am a woman. Though wheather beaten bt a strong woman. I would nt b so sure u r reading this nw bt deep dwn i knw u r. Just wanted to let you knw that i miss u and am sorry for all the naughty things i did that got me in trouble wit you. I never quite got to that part where i say sorry bt hope it makes a difference. Until we meet again memories is what i hold,and close to my heart is where you live forever mama.RIP :-(

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