Thursday, November 4, 2010

Its me again God

I tiptoe lightly wit the toes of my feet and i forgot that you already saw me come. What a shame. Lord i seek you once more,show me your grace and mercy. I have realised that i only run to you when i am in trouble,bt wait God, i am always in trouble for my life itself is troubled. Then this only means i talk to you each day trying to seek answers of what is happening around me. More and more times i have accused you as being unfair to me and not answering my prayers when i need you to,but Jehovah i realised one thing,that you always have my back. Forgive me and have mercy on me. My feet are nt too strong,but i think they may endure the journey to the mercy seat. God protect my daddy in this period of trial. Let the devil of sickness be banished away from him. Remember Lord he is all that we have. Our father,our mother. Our teacher,our mentor. Our guide,the driving force behind all our success. Protect him God and give him health. Let him live to see even his great grand children for he is a great man. I know that you planed every ones day upfront but you again are the only one who can increase the days. Lord,this is my unedited,unrated prayer. Its only meant for your sight and your wisdom. Be merciful to me Lord. AMEN!!

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