Thursday, November 4, 2010

Embarrasing? You tell me.

Someone asked me once what the most embarrasing moment of my life was and i flushed wit embarrasment till my cheeks turned pink. I was on a blind date wit a certain Mr X,name witheld, "sorry if u are reading this bt am cleaning out my closet." Since we had spoken on the fone a few times,i had never seen the dude bt findin him wuldnt be a task coz we had each others number,thank God for technology. I woke up feeling upbeat that morning. Finally i was going to put a face to a name. I chose my knee length purple bare back dress and a black waist belt,and black knee high boots and a black clutch bag. Oh! Boy wasnt i smoking hot! I wore my favourite designer perfume and made sure i flossed my teeth. "where are you going?" my young sister asked me."can i come?" I shook my head in total finality. "Where iam going,kids, are nt allowed."she sulked and walked away. I slipped out the back to avoid any confrotation wit my over protective dad. My phone rang and it was Mr X calling to confirm if the meeting was stil on. Oh men! I loved this mans voice. It was deep and husky,one that drove any woman in any legnth."how can i nt come? I will be there"i said confirming the location once more. And so i ran,making sure i ws still looking hot. No offence,i always look hot bt today,woh! I ws smoking hot. Every where i passed eyes turned and i loved every moment of it. So i reach that spot where we were to meet bt i find two women and a man. So i stood by the bus stop pole and waited. "Damn him,no man ever keeps me waiting. Wasnt he anxious to meet me? Damn" This man kept staring at me and smilling,as if waiting for an invitation. He was in his mid thirties and rugged. I ws pissed and even sneered at me. I began to panic,i ws thinking he ws my date. I began to hide my face when he walked up and asked me why i ws fidgetting. "Are u waiting for someone?" And i started to .......

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